Down Under protests trigger ‘Over-The-Top’ retaliation

Aussie government deploys invisible high energy beams

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – The Canadian government’s treatment of protesting truckers over the past three weeks has been deplorable, but it pales in comparison to another English-speaking nation’s response inflicted upon segments of a large crowd Feb. 12 in Australia’s capital city.

One or more types of crowd-control techniques, collectively known as ‘Directed Energy Weapons,’ were apparently used to disperse and dissuade a largely peaceful turnout estimated at almost half a million people. Earlier in the pandemic, Australian authorities took other over-the-top measures, establishing internment camps, meant to confine and even penalize civilians – without due process – who refused Covid’s so-called vaccination.

Photos from protesters, who were on the scene in Canberra on Feb. 12, show skin that is severely blistered. Those affected rebut official reports blaming Australia’s summer sun. Other victims have reported unusual bouts of disorientation, often coupled with bursts of intense, precisely targeted, ear-splitting noise.

Directed Energy Weapons have advantages over the usual type of aggression-control tactics in that they are discreet, largely invisible to the victims, and can be deployed in a highly accurate manner. Three types, in particular, mesh well with eye-witness accounts and first-hand experience from the protests in Canberra, a mountainous location in the southeast corner of the vast Australian continent:

1) LONG RANGE ACOUSTIC DEVICE (LRAD) – Messages and warning tones over long distances and at higher volumes than thru typical amplified speakers. They are touted as “non-lethal, non-kinetic crowd control’ and have also been used in the USA during rare instances.

2) ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEM (ADS) – A millimeter wave, usually precisely directed, and capable of heating water in the skin of a human target while inflicting pain. This is believed to be the weapon that produced a variety of blisters among unsuspecting protesters, basically cooking or frying the skin. It can also destroy smart phones and other electronics.

3) RADIATION BY LASER OR INTENSE MICROWAVE – This is deemed likely by some protesters who exhibited the classic symptoms of radiation sickness.

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