‘Do Something’ is the plea Convention of States is the answer


Mount Rushmore is a fitting backdrop for the Convention of States effort, which is gaining momentum.
Mount Rushmore is a fitting backdrop for the Convention of States effort, which is gaining momentum.

By Tammy Dail

NC GENERAL ASSEMBLY – The Convention of States movement was started by Michael Farris and Mark Meckler, with help from many others, out of growing concerns that we are losing our precious America. They love this great, imperfect country, and are willing to fight for her, and for the future of children and grandchildren. Congress will never propose an amendment to restrict their own power, which is why it has to come from the states. Convention of States supports term limits for federal officials, imposing fiscal restraints, and reducing the power and scope of the federal government–as specified in the Convention of States’ resolution to be filed.

Article V of the US Constitution provides protection for We The People for such times as this. The original purpose of the federal government was to return power to the states and to the people, but instead we are seeing an out-of-control federal government evidenced by growing debt and loss of freedoms. Article V states that we need 34 states (in support) to hold a convention, and 38 states (in agreement) to make any changes and to ratify those changes.

North Carolina will be the 20th state! The Convention of States resolution, HJR 235, has already passed in the state House. Now we just need for it to pass in the state Senate.

Please attend a rally at the Capitol Building in Raleigh on April 19 starting at 11 am to encourage Senate members to pass HJR 235. We need a historic turnout at this rally to demonstrate that the growing ‘not-so-silent majority’ have had enough! We can no longer sit idly by, blissfully unaware, and ignore what is so obvious – that we are losing our country as we know it. We want to be on the right side of History. One day, our children and grandchildren will ask us: “When those things were happening to our country, what did you do?” We want to be courageous. We want to be deserving to be Americans. We want to fight legally and peacefully.

Please go to www.conventionofstates.com to learn more about this important rally. If you cannot attend, please consider signing the petition, which can found on the website in support of this resolution.