“Destroying My Beautiful Country”

By Lou Colombo

I am in my 99th year of age and reflecting back I can categorically state that I have lived in the greatest  nation that existed during the period of my life. While we made mistakes from time to time, overall no other nation accomplished what we did that beneficially affected the world as a whole.

Until  the last two years, we screened immigrants allowing those qualified to enter and the system successfully worked. No Longer! Since the  2020 presidential and Congressional elections, we now have an open border policy allowing in millions of non-screened individuals from many nations including– China and Russia. There is no federal organized system to handle them. In just about every aspect, it continues to change a fair semblance of the Free Enterprise Conservative System  that made our country great into a Solid Socialistic State.

To achieve this goal (with a controlled Press to assist), excessive spending  internally and abroad, creating internal agencies to further control the people , over- taxing, federal government intervention into State and local responsibilities, illegal internal use of federal police and intelligence agencies and other left-wing approaches have been established.

What has surfaced so far appears to be in accord with the World Socialistic group that met recently in Davos, Switzerland. Its ultimate purpose is to have  all national governments weak enough to be able to be controlled by it. Sound familiar?

Author’s brief bio: As a Naval Officer, I was on loan to the Armed Forces Security Agency, which later changed its name to the National Security Agency (NSA). I was a member of the US Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security. I served in the Office of Security for US Department of State in Washington for 5 years, and then went into the Foreign Service for 15 years in charge of security for Embassies and Consulates. While in Iran I married a New Bernian! Our wedding took place in the Bascilica located on the Italian Embassy grounds. I also served in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Italy, Malta, Spain, and Portugal. I have been fortunate to meet many dignitaries –- Khrushchev when he visited the US in 1957, the Shah of Iran, the Presidents of Peru and Ecuador. Pope Paul VI, President Ronald Reagan, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and several Secretaries of State.