Deli owner expresses appreciation to community!

By Tim Jalbert

ORIENTAL – I bought property in 2009 with intentions to move here. I like it because it reminds me of northern Maine where I was raised. Began building in 2016 in Shine Landing. At the time, my framers would go to lunch and not return for some time. I asked why they were taking so long. They said: “Because there is no where to go to just order a quick sandwich in Oriental (no Sandwich Shop).” At the time, I was looking for work, and thought, “That’s it. I will build a deli.”

The space we rented served us well for six years, but as our business grew, I knew that in order to continue I had to make changes in location. The space next door – in the same building – was perfect size-wise, but was in terrible condition. Everything had to be done – from electrical, plumbing, HVAC, ceiling, walls, and floor! 

I figured “now or never.” With everything getting so expensive, I really had no choice. Once I had an agreement with my landlord, I had three months to get it done. Many friends helped me along the way, but one person in particular, Mr. Jerry Moore, did much more than his share. What a humble giant, and awesome craftsman! We cut Southern Pine trees on his lot, put them through his sawmill. The superb woodwork has become a highlight of the deli. People come in and their jaws drop. “Oh Lord, it is beautiful” is a typical compliment.


I also have a wonderful staff who stepped up in order for me to have time for working on the new location. Some people have asked if we plan to change the menu. Thus far my standard response has been something like “customers often boast about our food, so why would we change?” However, going forward we have a few things in mind to enhance what we currently offer – brewed tea, fountain soda, etc. 

Lastly (but like putting frosting on a cake), my fiancee Lori Banks selected the colors, lights, and other décor to bring it all together. All of us here hope it is something for Oriental to be proud of – and well worth the trip from surrounding areas to dig into some delicious food. Google our menu online at This would not have been possible without support from the greatest customers on Earth. 

Thank you to everyone & God Bless.