D.A. switches Party

By Scott Thomas | District Attorney

NEW BERN –  On Sept. 3, I registered my political party affiliation with the Republican Party. This was a personal decision I made to align my party affiliation with my long-held conservative values and beliefs. My beliefs remain the same, but I have changed my party affiliation to be more consistent with those beliefs. I continue to be a strong supporter of the Constitution, the Second Amendment, the rule of law, our armed services, first responders, and law enforcement. One of the highlights of my 15 years as District Attorney has been working closely with our outstanding Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and other law enforcement officers. My admiration and support for them will never waver. I have always discharged my duties as a prosecutor without regard to partisan politics and my office will continue to aggressively protect the public in a manner consistent with the Constitution and laws of our State. It is an honor to work for the citizens of Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico Counties and I look forward to continuing to serve as District Attorney for Prosecutorial District 4. 


Several of the judges from the prosecutorial district issued a joint statement. Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Joshua W. Willey, Jr., Superior Court Judges Clinton D. Rowe, John E. Nobles, Jr., Paul M. Quinn, Chief District Court Judge L. Walter Mills, District Court Judges Bob R. Cherry, Paul J. Delamar, III, Debra L. Massie, W. David McFadyen, III, and Andrew K. Wigmore said, “We have all known and worked with District Attorney Scott Thomas in our court system for many years. He is a conservative who is dedicated to our Constitution and criminal justice system. He has led the District Attorney’s Office in Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico Counties with distinction, and we appreciate his continued service to our district.” 


Carteret County Sheriff Asa Buck, Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes, and Pamlico County Sheriff Chris Davis said, “We express our sincere appreciation to District Attorney Scott Thomas for his close working relationship with law enforcement and his continued hard work protecting the citizens of our counties. District Attorney Thomas has always brought a strong conservative ‘Tough On Crime’ approach to the prosecution of criminal offenders in this district. We Sheriffs have strongly supported District Attorney Scott Thomas for many years and will continue to strongly support him in the future.”