Chinese batteries installed at Camp Lejeune during Obama years

This is the website home page of the company, known as CATL
This is the website home page of the company, known as CATL

CAMP LEJEUNE – Congressman Greg Murphy (R-NC) issued the following statement in response to his meeting Monday with representatives of Duke Energy after reports revealed the usage of Chinese batteries on Camp Lejeune:

“I was recently informed that in 2014 the Obama administration invited Duke Energy to install Chinese-made batteries to be used for energy storage in a solar facility on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune,”Β said Congressman Greg Murphy, M.D.Β “This troubling revelation makes me question my faith in the Department of Defense’s decision protocols that enabled such a thing to happen on a military base. Further, this is a direct consequence of the ill-designed transition to sustainable energy on military installations started by former President Obama and accelerated by President Biden. A meeting today with Duke Energy was very productive in relaying my concerns.”

β€œIt is no secret – China is working diligently to undermine the United States every single day. Earlier this year we witnessed a Chinese spy balloon be allowed by the Biden administration to traverse the entire US collecting data in sensitive areas including military bases. While we are not in a ballistic conflict with the Chinese Communist Party, the Biden administration is seemingly willing to overlook national security concerns in pursuit of the almighty grail of clean energy. The CCP has no better friend in the United States right now than the leadership in the Biden Administration.”

“I have been assured by Duke Energy that the batteries were taken offline on Friday of last week. I am grateful for the aggressive oversight of Senator Marco Rubio and Chairman Mike Gallagher on this critical issue. As the member representing Onslow County and Camp Lejeune, I will continue to monitor the situation closely. I will not stand for the infiltration of our military by the Chinese Communist Party.”

On Friday, Nov. 30, members of the House Armed Services Committee and Senate Armed Services Committee sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Austin that revealed batteries manufactured by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., a company directly funded and supported by the Chinese Communist Party, were installed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.