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U.S. Attorney General responds to Contempt of Congress accusations

Thank you, Chairman Jordan, Ranking Member Nadler, and distinguished members of this Committee. Since I last appeared before you, the more than 115,000 employees of the Department of Justice have continued to work to fulfill our mission on behalf of the American people: to keep our country safe, to protect…

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Letter Describes ‘Uncontrolled Chaos’ at Oriental Town Meeting

NC Taxpayers Must Pay for State Employee Gender ‘Transitions’

Project Vax events of Pfizer convey eerie ‘Pledge Plea’

All Expenses Paid Glitzy Compound for Illegals

Beaufort County GOP to convene March 25 in Bath

Beaufort County Sheriff Deparment to establish Sub-Station in Aurora

Todd Callender (top) and Pascal Najadi


Look out Pfizer. Here comes the King of Thailand, and he is pissed!

Conservatives represent us in state Legislature

An addition to historic City Hall will include a much-needed elevator, and is expected to meet its anticipated completion date of early May.

“Greatest City in USA,” proclaims New Bern Mayor

China & India flunk ‘Carbon Emissions 101’


Massive ‘Needs-Based’ State Grant will build new Pamlico 6 – 12 School

FBI seizes cell phone of high-profile Trump supporter

‘The loneliest job in New Bern,’ departing Mayor Dana Outlaw –“I will try to do what is best for New Bern,” incoming Mayor Jeff Odham

Regional agency welcomes new Executive Director

FDA: Are You Insane??

For God’s Sake, Don’t OK Big Pharma’s Vaxx for Babies!

Part 2. Federal Reserve moves closer to ‘digital dollar’

Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye

‘Get Vaxxed’ mantra now becomes ‘Beware Clots’


Freedom, Truth & The American Way!

Eastern Carolina Council of Governments

ECC on the ropes

Mysterious documents surface!

State Treasurer prompts Governor on negative impact of benefits

Award spotlights New Bern’s ‘secret weapon’

Challenger announces candidacy for 2022 Pamlico Sheriff race

Intelligence agencies confirm UFOs De-classsified report now calls them UAPs

Election ‘faked’ says Lindell | ‘My Pillow’ founder promises proof!

Here’s why many in the USA are suspicious of the ‘Shot’