Be Leery of Clipboard-Carrying Con

By Anne Hopkins

NEW BERN – Monday, June 24, at a local car-wash, two men wearing black “YOUR VOTE COUNTS” tee shirts, each carrying clipboards, were approaching and questioning customers who were in the vacuuming area. One lady reported the men asked her if she was registered to vote. After answering in the affirmative, she was informed by the men that she may not be registered because “people have been stealing registration information.”

Fortunately, she was savvy enough to realize how unlikely that sounded and declined their request to fill out one of the forms they had on their clipboards. On another day, two women, while visiting the Craven County Board of Elections office, were not shy while talking about how they are paid by the hour to register anyone they can find as a Democrat.

It’s often not difficult to pay someone to do a job. People like to get paid for their time and effort. Sometimes you hire a person who really wants the job; most other times you get someone who is willing to fill a spot as long as the pay is guaranteed. When you must pay people to do a job that has traditionally been a volunteer position, you can often depend on getting workers who care far more about the paycheck than they do about the results of the job. Employees usually do what they’re paid to do. Volunteers work for a cause they are passionate about. When our country’s future is on the line, which would you rather have working to get your favorite nominees elected?

It’s no secret the Democrat Party is heavily funded by billionaires George Soros, Bill Gates, and their cronies. The Republican Party hasn’t found such an unlimited source of funds and it’s unlikely that will happen before November. The Democrats have paid staff. The Republicans have passionate volunteers. The problem with the GOP is that we don’t have ENOUGH volunteers! President Trump worked for us without pay his first term. Republicans need to step up and volunteer for him now to ensure his second term.