Baseball for youngsters in jeopardy | Legendary Babe Ruth would be sad

By Kim Jones

BAYBORO – Pamlico Babe Ruth League is struggling and needs YOUR help!  We are in need of volunteers to take on roles as board members, and volunteers to assist during the season to support the kids during the games.  No effort is too small and costs very little (to zero). The ages of our kids are 4 to 18. They are our future, and deserve this opportunity! 

I believe – as do other parents and grandparents – that organized sports help to develop character, as well as teaching a healthy amount of competition.  

This league, which I’m sure many of you played in,  means so much to our growing children.  Over the past few years our numbers have dwindled, and Covid has not helped at all. 

We are actively trying to grow things back to a healthy level. However, during our last meeting, we did not have enough people to fill the board positions.  Keep in mind this league is for all the boys and girls of Pamlico County, which includes both baseball and softball.  

So, the big question: WHAT CAN I DO?  what can I do?  We need people who have the time and drive to fill the positions of President, possibly Vice President, Vice President of Baseball, and Treasurer.  We will need support throughout the season to help with the fields, concession stands and various other support roles, as well as league sponsors. 

Please, please help. This will be rewarding for you and your family, and our county’s kids will benefit. The Babe Ruth League meeting is scheduled at the Bayboro Courthouse for Oct. 7 at 7pm. Please volunteer and/or register your loved one at the same time. 

Rebuild this league so that the youth of Pamlico County can get back to being kids and have that wonderful experience of taking the field for first time all dressed out in their new uniforms – just as we did. 

Please contact me, Kimberly Jones, by email at,  follow us on Facebook at Pamlico Babe Ruth League, or call (252)514-1703. Any messages left on voicemail will be returned in a timely manner.  Hope to see many new faces at our next meeting! Thank you and GOD Bless!