Arapahoe receives $$$ for new park project

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HWY 306 – Mayor Ken Heath gets an A-plus for persistence. For at least a year, he has been quietly lobbying, applying, and working the phones. His diligence and hard work paid off when a recent letter arrived from the North Carolina Parks & Recreation Trust Fund, confirming an ‘Accessibility for Parks’ grant in the amount of $274,980.

As seen in the graphic, the community’s existing (and small-ish) Town Hall will one day be joined by a variety of outdoor amenities. While much work remains to be done before construction begins, Heath is already touting the project as a major improvement for the laid-back, close knit citizenry – and for future tourists.

“A lot of motorists and visitors are passing thru our town en route to the North Carolina Ferry across the Neuse River,” explained Heath. “A top quality park like this will encourage folks to stop and spend some time here in our wonderful town, and our existing residents will also benefit.”

For more information, Heath is known for almost always answering his cell phone. Call him at (252) 670-9854.