A Healthy Perspective

Steven Eric assists with a workout.
Steven Eric assists with a workout.

By Steven Eric | ISSA & AAAI Certified Personal Trainer

BAYBORO – Well, the new year is upon us – time to follow thru with those pesky resolutions. Fortunately, your fitness family at Champion Sports and Fitness can help. We will identify your goals, making them a reality together! As I have said in a previous article, this is a team effort.

Wonderful new things are happening at Champ’s. We have added fantastic new fitness classes like Zumba gold for our adult members. This new schedule is definitely worth a look. We have also added two new personal trainers, Cole and Cat Johnson, who will be our evening and nighttime trainers. Call them at (252) 933-0167. Also, I’ve even completed a new certification as a child and teen exercise specialist, which is going over quite well.

Exercise for children promotes better self esteem and body positivity, helps them stay focused in school, and releases calming endorphins that help them deal with stress. Exercise makes lungs and heart stronger for increased energy and endurance. Exercise strengthens bones and muscles. Increases in reflex and coordination are other known benefits. Also, active children boost their immune systems, which may help them from getting sick as often.

Exercise is equally, or even more, important for us ‘seasoned’ adults. “With the myriad benefits of regular physical activity, when it comes to healthy aging, exercise is perhaps the closest thing to a miracle drug,” says Scott Keiser, MD, a geriatrician at Provedence Saint Johns Health Center in California.

Let’s highlight just a few of many specific benefits . . . Exercise promotes longevity and independence; keeps your heart healthy; may slow cognitive decline; helps bones stay strong (reducing or slowing osteoporosis); and, improves coordination, helping to prevent falls. I can attest to these benefits from my many years assisting a physical therapist at an assisted living facility!

Want to know more??? Please call me at (347) 666-2746, visit me at the gym, or email: steverocco0187@gmail.com. Remember! Champion Sports and Fitness is a community resource, having raised more than $7,000 for local charities at our annual New Year’s Eve ‘Lift for Charity’ event. Until next time – be well and be happy!