Mission Very Possible!

This metal star fabricated by CMF, a long-time Aurora business, is intended for the top of Aurora’s ‘Water Tower Christmas Tree.’
This week, volunteers Laura Jordan (left) and Barbara Jones, returned from a trip to Raleigh with thousands of lights – which must be unpacked, assembled, and tested before a crane can be deployed to do extensive rigging.

AURORA – Back in October, Chuck Bonner’s vision for Christmas in the Town of Aurora seemed more like the old song, ‘Dream The Impossible Dream.’ 

Bonner is the Director of Public Works for the town. He operates from a small brick office at the base of the town’s only water tower. His dream? Use the massive structure as the backbone of a huge Christmas Tree simulation for 2021.

The town’s elected officials had given their OK for the daunting task, but had decreed that no taxpayer monies should go toward the project. Bonner’s back-of-the-envelope calculations yielded a figure of $6,000 that would need to come from private donations. 

And, of course, he intended to solicit in-kind contributions from local businesses that know a thing or two about heavy-industry, and sky-high fastening capabilities.  

Fast forward thru a busy six or seven weeks. Ninety-five percent of the fundraising is in the bank. And, to Bonner’s delight, a refreshing esprit d’corps is now thriving among Aurora’s citizenry. However, much, much work remains to be done before the switch is pulled on Friday evening, Dec. 12. 

Did we say work?  This is where the volunteers need to step up:

Dates have been set to assist with helping set up the Community Christmas Tree that our generous community has funded: 

Saturday, November 20, beginning at 1:00 PM

Sunday, November 21, beginning at 1:00 PM

Saturday, November 27, beginning at 10:00 AM

Sunday, November 28, beginning at 1:00 PM

Saturday, December 4, beginning at 10:00 AM

Sunday, December 5, beginning at 1:00 PM

Please meet at the Public Works building (water tower). In case of rain, plan on meeting at the Fire Department. Please bring a pair of gloves. Snacks and water will be provided.  Each day may have a different agenda. Cables need to be made, lights need to be placed in sockets, anchors set for each cable, etc., etc. The star will be adorned with white lights. The cables, which will form the tree, will be adorned in red, blue, green, and purple lights.