1st Choice announces Ultrasound

At 6-11 weeks, a gestational sac can be seen and fetal heartbeat detected.

By Regina Kemble, Executive Director | 1st Choice Pregnancy Resources 

ALLIANCE – 1st Choice Pregnancy Resources of Pamlico has not only come into existence but has met what was originally slated as a long-term year goal: Acquisition of Ultrasound Technology.

A generous donation is the foundation of a $15,000 matching grant, specifically to fund purchase of the unit itself and associated necessities. We are so very grateful, and are working to fund the remaining $3,000 balance. 

This is a window into the womb!  A look at life.  And, an opportunity to gaze at a preborn human being in its earliest moments in what sadly, collectively speaking, is one of the most vulnerable and violent places on earth, her mother’s womb. 

Seeing her baby enables the mother to begin bonding with the life she’s carrying — instead of permanently connecting or attaching to the idea that her circumstances dictate the need for an abortion. This window into the womb assists her in developing vision beyond the easier short term – which, in her mind, an abortion would provide.

A glimpse of her uniquely created little one in a timely manner provides information so she can make a better decision. These women (and men) deserve true “options education.” Even early peeks are profound. There’s already a beating heart. There it is.  It’s seen. This is a human life.    Your baby’s growing. It is alive.

Our compassion includes local love – as we call it.  Transportation is a hardship for many of our clients.  Having them drive 25 miles or more from the spot where we stand, to get an ultrasound, burdens them. They are more vulnerable to abortion. 

It’s our accompaniment that is most beneficial.  The intimacy of the ultrasound, helps mothers take courage in the moment and in the next, and the next — until she finds hope for her future. 

 A window into the womb sees generations to come.  A window into the womb is a glimpse of heaven, for we are made in the image of God. Why this window into the womb?

For nothing is impossible for God.

Editor’s note: Call 1st Choice at (252) 745-5683