Author: Gary Timco Gary Timco is a frequent contributor to the County Compass.

USA Fiddles Away Status as Reserve Currency

The debasement of our currency is now occurring at a rapid case. One factor is the  reckless policy of using our dollar as a weapon against countries such as Russia. This weaponization results when we seize U.S. Dollar denominated reserves…

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Fiscal Cliff Looms

WASHINGTON, DC – In a recent interview on ‘60 Minutes,’ Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stated that our debt is unsustainable and reiterated that our debt is growing faster than Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Having been a Registered Investment Advisor…

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Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping loves Green Agenda as it weakens USA from within

By Gary Timco | News Analysis WASHINGTON, DC – During a recent hearing, in a terse exchange between Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) and David Turk, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Energy Department, Senator Kennedy asked Turk what the transition to…

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DUKE: DUPED & DERANGED Kowtowing to the Communists (CHINA)

By Gary Timco THE GRID – There has been much press within the last year about whether or not man can cause climate change (Global Warming) that will ultimately affect humanity, causing ecological and natural disasters. Missing in mainstream media…

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Duke Energy Bets House on ESG, while grid security gets pittance of mega rate increase! By Gary Timco | News Analysis UNITED NATIONS – ESG originated two decades ago with the United Nations Environmental Program Financial Initiative – a way…

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Grid sitting duck for EMP attack

By Gary Timco USA – Every U.S. citizen is literally on ‘life support’ by being plugged into our nation’s electricity grid. If one of our adversaries decides to sabotage the grid with an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack, everything necessary to…

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