‘Floating Cities’ help duo hone electrical skills for any vessel

LAST OF 4-PART SERIES By Jeff & Colyn Fleming | 12V Marine In recent weeks, many of you have seen articles about our experiences onboard ‘Icon of the Seas’ – the world’s largest (and newest) cruise ship. We are a…

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In the ‘bow thruster’ area, the father/son duo intentionally tripped ‘a mystery breaker’

To diagnose this Ship’s pesky problems? Improvise (and hold your breath!)

By Jeff Fleming | 12V Marine LLC There are many complex features and equipment on ‘Icon of the Seas’ cruise ship. It is difficult, if not impossible, to know how they all function. When working on electrical components, sometimes you…

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Jeff Fleming (hidden but wearing blue shirt) is next to Igor (bald guy), who is working on a heater for the ship’s freezer door. Igor is from Ukraine and had photos, sent by a friend, of his apartment building where one side of the structure had been blown off from the war. In foreground, is a smiling gentleman known as Piasan -- apparently amused by the confluence of laborers.

12 Volt Marine Confronts 680 Volts

PART TWO OF FOUR: By Jeff Fleming | 12V Marine LLC Editor’s note: Based in Oriental, the father/son team of Jeff & Colyn Fleming (with 12V Marine) spent most of January on board the world’s largest and newest cruise ship….

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The father-son duo acted like guests some of the time, with early access to spectacular Icon of the Seas amusements like this colorful, convoluted water park.

ICON OF THE SEAS – Here We Come!!

PART ONE OF FOUR: By Jeff Fleming | 12V Marine LLC ORIENTAL – The FaceBook message said “marine electrical technicians needed for cruise ship, must be available January 3, 2024.” It was Dec 28, just 6 days away? Starting a…

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