Wind energy project near state line jeopardizes national security, say experts

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NC – VA BORDER — Over a several month period of time, there have been statements about the pros and cons of wind energy on several fronts. But in investigating the various claims, red flags have been raised by military experts that state the national defense is at risk.

Experts have referred to a radar facility in Chesapeake, Va. as being vulnerable to interference from the industrial wind turbines planned for an area of northeast North Carolina known locally as the “Desert.”

These turbines are to be built by Iberdrola Renewables, a Spanish Company that is one of the major players in field. Iberdrola receives large financial incentives from the U.S. Government, without which this project would not go forward.

Noted physicist John Droz is a recognized expert in the field of wind energy. He has researched the National Security issue, having conferred with various high-ranking officials who have direct knowledge of this matter. In so doing, he has prepared a report of his findings as well as an analysis.

Droz has allowed this newspaper to examine his document, and to report on its findings.
Look for our reports in future issues and possible implications of the Desert Wind project for national security.