Wind Energy: Is it as good for us as suggested?

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By Anthony Meads

PASQUOTANK COUNTY — It is amazing how our County Commissioners fall all over out-of-town investors without reviewing the facts of their future projects. One of many such examples is the ‘Wind Project’ now hailed by the County as the largest in the South and, we are told, will help our county and state.

Once again our commissioners have failed to do their homework. Here are some of the facts:

First, there are hundreds of reports that prove wind energy will increase the electric rates of consumers in the area where they are built by as much as 30 percent. That is a reduction of income to the average family of four in the amount of $2400 per year, according to a research report by American University.


Second, these massive towers have been proven to negatively impact bird populations. These creatures are an important part of the Pasquotank ecosystem.

Third, more evidence is being compiled proving the noise and flashing lights from these powers are creating health issues for nearby residences.

Fourth, once these powers are up and running, the property near them decreases in value.

Fifth, the constant fluctuation of power, due to limited wind, causes other power sources to run less efficiently, creating more pollution.

Sixth, these wind generators are being built by a company from Spain using millions of tax incentives paid for by the US taxpayers.

And lastly, when these wind generators reach the end of their useful life in 15 to 20 years, who will pay the cost to remove them?

The rest of us common sense folk are a little confused. So, increased electric rates, decreased property values, adverse environmental issues, swooping propellers, flashing lights, and a company from Spain profiting on taxpayer money will help our country? Even Al Gore, the green energy advocate, has removed them from his portfolio.

Most of the County Commissioners concede they are stepping into the future with this new endeavor. However, time will prove if they may have into something else.