What’s in a Name? Town upgrade worth the effort!

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Photo credit: Alan Welch

By Alan Welch

BRIDGETON — It took a while to convert a neglected weed patch into a warmly, inviting welcome to the small town of Bridgeton, but the wait and effort was well worth it.

It was a joint effort between me – in my capacity as an elected official on the Bridgeton Town Council – the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and the Bridgeton Improvement Committee, spearheaded by then president George Burens.

Since the state’s Department of Transportation owns the site (adjacent to Highway 17 through town), we kicked the initiative off by contacting state officials! After meetings with the Bridgeton Town Councils, DOT representatives agreed that the area did need — and deserved – a thorough enhancing! Fortunately, they approved releasing funds from the Department’s Beautification Fund. This fund comes from charges paid for vanity tags seen on private vehicles so no tax monies were involved.


The next step was to let the project out for bid and selecting a contractor to actually convert the agreed upon plan into reality. Once the landscaping was complete, Bridgeton Improvement Committee stepped up and funded both the flagpole and the newly installed town name.

What’s in a name? A bit of civic pride, a desire to make one’s home a little nicer, a new look for a somewhat neglected town. Working together can produce results!

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