Westboro Baptist Church pickets area churches

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ELIZABETH CITY – This local church seems to have a penchant for stirring emotions with no clear cause or benefit in mind. Such was the case in Elizabeth City this weekend.

In fact, several days later the exact nature of the grievance remains a bit fuzzy.

I am a proud member of the Holy Family Catholic Church. We were one of the churches that were picketed, among several in our area of various denominations.


Upon arriving at church, I saw the local daily newspaper set up with a camera and tripod at the end of the driveway, with a reporter there as well. I had corresponded with the media outlet, suggesting that the protest seemed to be nothing more than a publicity ploy.

I admit that I walked outside to observe for a minute or so and went back inside.

In the end, I gave them all the attention to which they were due — none. Our pastor led us in prayer for the souls of these people and we all left church after the Mass had concluded, knowing that we had done the right thing by our fellow man.