Unusual write-in campaign in Town of Alliance likely wins mayoral post for young pastor!

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Matt Guthrie

ALLIANCE: Successful write-in campaigns – especially those with a laid-back style – are unusual in politics. Although the first peek at actual write-ins cast in the Alliance municipal election will not come until noon on Friday, Nov. 8, Matt Guthrie, 34, is cautiously optimistic that his last-minute efforts may have paid off.

If Guthrie wins, he will have unseated local business owner Frank Willis, who has served in various capacities on the Alliance town board for decades. Efforts to reach Mr. Willis for comment on the municipal election were unsuccessful Wednesday afternoon.

Guthrie, who grew up in Otway (another small town) in the Down East area of Carteret County has been the pastor of Alliance Pentecostal Holiness Church for just over a year. In a brief interview Wednesday, Guthrie said his desire to serve his new hometown by far outweighs any concerns he may have over the way the town is administered.


“I actually think they (elected officials) are serving the town well, I really do.”

Other than posting some simple black ink on white paper flyers to a utility pole or two, Guthrie concedes most of his apparent success came from greeting folks just before they entered the polls. In addition to his duties at the church, Guthrie has just taken a part-time position at nearby Pamlico Christian Academy where he will be teaching a “life skills class.”

He, his wife, and his four children – ages 9, 8, 4 and 2 – “love the community,” said Guthrie. “It is a very close community now, and I hope to bring it even closer together!”