Two officials correct to support capital punishment

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By Calvin Lacy

RALEIGH — In a recent newspaper article with the headline ‘Lawmakers split on death penalty bill,’ two of the region’s most astute and knowledgeable individuals. First district Republican House Rep. Bob Steinberg and Sheriff Eric Tilley took a principled hard stance on capital punishment.

These two men have made the emotional adjustment few could handle, and we should be glad for it.

Unfortunately, years of wrangling over the morality of the death penalty has resulted in hundreds languishing on Death Row or in long term confinement because of it.


Steinberg admits to ‘wrestling’ with the question of capital punishment, as does Sheriff Tilley — albeit for a slightly different reason. Both concede it is an indispensable tool to ensure the safety and good maintenance of the society we live in.

With 148 convicted murderers currently in North Carolina prisons (of whom 64 murdered again since confinement or release from prison) it seems the only logical solution would be the death penalty, which Sheriff Tilley considers to be “just punishment and a deterrent to serious crime.”

But not so for Democrat House Rep. Howard Hunter, who takes issue with the lethal injection method of execution. In the opinion of many observers, that makes Hunter a friend of murderers. At this juncture, may I say that capital punishment has its roots in the Bible and furthermore, God demands it!

Genesis 9:6 states that …whosoever sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed.  Matthew 5:17-18 states that Jesus came to complete the law of Moses — not to destroy it while Numbers 35:30-34 gives the reasons. Murderers pollute the land with the blood of people who are created in the image of God.

This present time is the ‘Noah’ generation defined in Genesis 6:11 and by Jesus in Matthew 5:24-27. America is so deep into backsliding that we’ve lost the will to discipline ourselves and risk sinking into Third World oblivion like all before us. Men like Steinberg and Tilley are holding the line and we need to pray for them.