Thoughts to consider at the six-year point of Obama presidency

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In separate interviews in recent days, comments have been made on Fox News that we think are were worth preserving.

The President’s proposed budget provides more funding for Climate Change than for combating violent extremism in this country, according to the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Mike McCall, (R-Texas). The budget for Climate Change is $200 million.

So what is the budget for countering homegrown extremism in the United States? Answer: Zero. What is the total number of people working to counter violent extremism in the Homeland Security Office? Answer: Four!


The President has stated that we need to reform how the media reports on poverty in our country. He sees the reporting of Fox News as detrimental to this effort. Fox Business anchor, Stuart Varney, says that instead, we should be asking why, after six years of this so-called recovery, are there still 12 million more people on food stamps than when the President took office.

Is this a failure of the President’s policies? Why are we still giving away 13 million Obama phones? Finally, why are we still providing millions of Earned Income Tax Credit checks to people who have never paid any taxes in their entire lives? The President goes on to say that these issues keep people trapped in a “culture of dependency.” In so doing, after six years of recovery, we are handing out tremendous sums of money that the nation cannot afford, driving citizens further and further into debt.

The middle class is shrinking and the President is covering it up, says Varney. Black unemployment is staggering with no improvement in sight. Without jobs, the middle class will continue to pay for the poverty stricken, and the middle class will continue to shrink, says Varney.