Teacher fears students affected by wireless radiation

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Dear Editor:

Thank you for the links to your website where I was able to read your excellent nine-part series (which concluded with the Sept. 6 issue) about the possible adverse health effects of 5G wireless radiation.

I have been teaching here in Michigan for over 28 years. Over this time, I have seen some alarming changes in the classroom. We have had wireless devices installed in our schools, including but not limited to: routers in every classroom, library, office; a wireless keyboard and mouse for every teacher, and sets of tablets / laptops for each student.

Although I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose, I can tell you what changes I have observed. More and more students seem to be having more physical and mental health issues, such as:

Headaches, even migraines
Bloody noses
Lack of focus
Outbursts, coupled with an inability to cope
Higher levels of stress and unable to deal with it
Tired to the point of falling asleep
Increase in number of children on medication
Overall poor health like asthma, allergies, stomach ailments,
intestinal problems, epilepsy
Students feeling nausea, even vomiting
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactiving Disorder)
Overall learning disabilities
Tremors (in hands), eyes, and speech
Mood swings and irritability
Poor memory skills
Poor cognitive skills
Lessened fine motor skills (unable to properly form letters
for their grade level
Children way behind their grade levels – some 2 to 4 years
behind in reading and writing

It truly is sad to see that I, as an older woman, am healthier and more free of any medication and/or illness than these young children. What has become of our generation of children in America?

In addition, I have also witnessed many of my colleagues fighting various cancers, some of them losing their battles. I, myself, sometimes get severe headaches to the point of a migraine. I can only guess that some of these problems are occurring because of all the technology that is being used – the very technology that was supposed to make our lives easier and give us more time on our hands!

Recently, I was invited by my Amish friends to visit their school. This was a one-room school house, ranging from third to eighth grade, with 38 students and two teenage teachers. I was amazed at what I saw. I realize their way of life is very different from much of this nation’s residents, but I think we can all learn something from these gentle people living a simple, modest, and healthy life!

The students came in relaxed, calm, focused to the task at hand, and did not need any frequent direction from the teacher to complete the assignment and move on to the next task.

Everyone was quiet and alert, even while they looked at two strange visitors sitting off to the side and staring back at them! This is not to say that the children were not energetic.

When it was time for recess, we all went outside to play in the snow. The students thought it was great fun to throw snowballs back and forth with the two visitors, and when it was time to have the cider and donuts we brought, they were very respectful.

I realize that Amish children do not have all of the distractions that our children have, but there must be something to doing things they way we all used to . . . back to basics! I think we would all be better off both mentally and physically.

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, give us more time, the ability to find information at the speed of light – but has it really made things better for us? My students do not even know what it means to speak to someone face-to-face and actually have a conversation. They have no idea what ‘play’ really is except to sit and stare at a screen or punch unrecognizable words into a phone.

Do not think that I am against technology. I just want safe technology.

Donna X
Highland, Michigan

Editor’s note: We are honoring the writer’s request to disguise her name; however, she is a person known to this newspaper.