Steinburg, Cook sworn in during joint ceremony

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Bob Steinburg, left, and Bill Cook, seen here with their wives and judges, agreed to a joint ceremony in which they both took the Oath of Office for their seats in the state legislature.

PASQUOTANK COUNTY. — State Sen. Bill Cook (R- Beaufort) and Rep. Bob Steinburg (R- Chowan) recently took their respective Oaths of Office as re-elected legislators to the North Carolina General Assembly.

Cook had one ceremony in Dare County on Jan. 8, then another in Pasquotank the next day, with the final ceremony in his home County of Beaufort on Saturday, Jan. 10. Rep. Steinburg had just one ceremony in Pasquotank jointly with the Senator.

Chief Resident Superior Court Judge Jerry Tillett introduced the various elected officials, and then introduced Supreme Court Associate Justice Robert Edmunds to administer the oath.


Edmunds praised both men as “ big news in Raleigh “ and very effective legislators.

Following the ceremonies, Sen. Cook remarked “this was one of the ugliest and most contentious campaigns that I’ve ever been involved in.”

The opposition ran TV ads against him for several months, which Cook said misrepresented his positions on a number of issues as being bad for the environment.

“They spent $1 million trying to unseat me, but thankfully how much money was spent was not the determining factor in this race,” said Cook.

The difference, he said, was the hard work of his supporters and voters who were able to see through the ads.

Steinburg thanked his supporters. Before he took office,two years ago, people felt that changes needed to be made in the direction that the state was going. That perception is changing and “we are taking the state in the right direction,” Steinburg said, with reference to the policies they enacted since 2013.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, both legislators said it was too early to say exactly what legislation will be initiated first. There will be a few procedural issues beginning on Jan 14 with the legislature convening on Jan 28.

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