State Supreme Court justice to speak in Pamlico County

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Mike Morgan

BAYBORO — North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Mike Morgan, elected to the post in November, will address the Pamlico County Democratic Party Convention at 12:45 on Saturday, April 8. The event is scheduled for the courthouse in Bayboro. Everyone, regardless of party affiliation, is welcome to attend.

Born across the Neuse River at Cherry Point — and raised in New Bern — Justice Morgan has deep family ties in Pamlico County.

In his successful campaign for the NC Supreme Court, Morgan defeated the incumbent Republican by a vote of 2,150,512 votes to 1,797,698, receiving 54.45 percent of the vote, which he says was “exhilarating.”


He attributes his victory to his credentials, his experience, his abilities and his campaign message about being fair and impartial. Those who have appeared before him in court particularly draw attention to his judicial temperament.

The election of Morgan changed the partisan makeup of the NC Supreme Court from majority of Republicans on the Court to a majority of Democrats. For a time after the election, there was a rumor that the Republican General Assembly might “pack the court” by adding two seats, thus clearing the way for the defeated Governor McCrory to appoint two Republican judges, putting Republicans back in the majority.

Fortunately, the General Assembly thought better of it, refused to go along.

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