Socialism grows as Activist Left targets young people in schools

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4-NN-Socialism-pic-and-logoAre we moving toward Socialism? Is this a slow but inevitable march that began in 1885?

A few weeks back, we wrote about Fabian Socialism and how they entered the United States and their views that were used to further their political aims. We listed several goals of the Socialist Movement, which have found their way into the lexicon of student activity in North Carolina.

Groups such as Student/Youth Training, while not an “education network” in the sense of public schools and higher education, feeds on the liberal agenda pushed in public schools as well as colleges and universities across the state.


The lessons learned in North Carolinas public schools and colleges indoctrinate students with ideas from the progressive agenda such as: extremist notions of racial diversity; the need for safe spaces in lieu of freedom of speech; the elimination of gender roles; the drumbeat about purported institutional racism; white privilege and guilt; the importance of the child over parents and family; explicit sex education demonstrations; and assignments that promote Islam and debase Christianity.

The Student/Youth training network uses the lessons learned by students of public and higher education as a foundation to begin to build the practical skills liberal activists employs to push their agenda, such as community organizing, voter registration and get out the vote efforts.

Included in this network are groups like Unifour One, an organization out of Greensboro that claims to help and mentor at risk youth. This organization appears to use the young people drawn into the group to help in voter registration efforts. As part of its “youth engagement” mission, the organization focuses on voter registration, get out the vote efforts, community organizing and training.

Always claiming that it is nonpartisan, Unifour One imposes the language and tactics of the Activist Left on the youth it engages.

The activities of this and other liberal groups are promoted by Rev. William Barber, President of the North Carolina NAACP . He is funded by Unions, The Tides Foundation and other liberal groups whose sole effort seems to be to promote Big Government and to reduce the influence of Conservative political ideas.

Remember that Russia was once known as the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”. So as we consider the coming election, we will inevitably answer the question; What Type of Country Do We Want?

We already know what type of world some of the next generation wants, do we not?