Snowden kids excel after attending Fossil Museum’s IMAGINE-NC camp

Judy Cleary, a middle school science teacher at S.W. Snowden in Aurora celebrates with two of her students, after the 8th Grade class received the county’s highest End of Grade Score in Science.

AURORA – The photo is from a July 20 Community Celebration in recognition of the 8th grade at S.W. Snowden achieving the highest End of Grade Score in Beaufort County on their Science Exam.

The Aurora Fossil Museum’s IMAGINE-NC Project was a contributing factor to the test scores as it helped to increase student interest, curiosity, and confidence in science. Nice to see these children recognized for their hard work. It proves that, given the opportunity and community support, they can accomplish amazing things.

“My board and I are over-the-moon thrilled and proud of them about their accomplishment,” said Cindy Crane, executive director of the museum. “When we held our celebration, Middle School science teacher Judy Cleary attended. Please let me share with County Compass readers what Judy had to say in a recent email to the museum.”

As this school year comes to a close, I wanted to make you aware of our 8th grade science scores. This year’s class was 88.89% proficient, which was the highest in Beaufort County. Many of those students have been involved with ImagineNC for the past two years. I truly believe that having the hands-on experience your camp offered played a major role in their understanding and comprehension.

One of my students who has never scored proficient in reading or math, been retained twice, scored a 4 on the exam! It was a major moment for him to enjoy that level of success. There were others as well that scored 4’s that have struggled on standardized testing. All of them attended your camp over the past two years and there lies the difference!

Thank you for bringing these experiences to our students and for being such a wonderful partner in our success!

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