Small businesses struggle to survive

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NORTH CAROLINA – Small business operations across the state are being knocked for a loop. We have reached the point where every extra day of government-ordered disruptions will destroy more and more of North Carolina’s economic backbone.

Enough is enough.

Brantley Norman, Jr.

May God Bless Brantley Norman, Jr. of Oriental:  Last week on April 30, Mr. Norman attempted to re-open his popular restaurant, which was established in 1978. After a well-attended breakfast and lunch in which almost all customers practiced the ‘new normal’ of social distancing, authorities showed up to shut down the valiant effort.

During a brief interview just minutes after law enforcement left, the congenial restaurant owner hit the nail squarely on its head when he said: “I did this today because people need freedom of choice. In the history of this great country, sick people have always stayed home from work, and it is healthy people who go to work. It has always been that way up until now.”

Vickie Moore

May God Bless Vickie Moore & Lib Litchfield: Both of these feisty ladies own and operate hair salons – a category of small business that has been absolutely devastated. Vickie has vowed that Hair Station in Bayboro will survive. Lib, too, has pledged to continue with her shop, A Cut A Head in downtown Aurora. Each week in this newspaper, Vickie and Lib have continued to advertise. “Miss Lib will be here for you when allowed to return,” blares Litchfield’s ad. “Stay Safe! We look forward to serving you soon!” proclaims Moore’s ad.

Setting a standard for all of their counterparts in this most beleaguered segment of our economy, Moore and Litchfield are to be commended! Thank you, ladies!

Ed Riggs

Missy Baskervill








May God Bless the Pamlico County Commisssioners: Six of the seven members on this elected board approved a proclamation Monday night that calls upon the Governor for immediate action. “Whereas, the current stay-at-home order and closure of businesses through May 8 and quite possibly beyond, will create a significant hardship on Pamlico County residents,” says the single page document. Accolades to County Commissioner Ed Riggs Jr. for his hard-hitting support: “I believe our government is overreaching,” said Riggs. “Right now, I am more concerned about our rights than I am about the virus.” Commissioner Missy Baskervill also registered her dismay: “I have a hard time understanding . . . it is just too much,” she said.

Wednesday, in a Washington Post commentary, the five Republican governors who kept their states open during the pandemic said the following:

“The diversity of the 50 states is what makes our nation’s economy great, and each state’s response to the novel coronavirus is as diverse as the pandemic’s impact on each of us,” wrote Governors Mark Gordon (R-WY), Pete Ricketts (R-NE), Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), Kim Reynolds (R-IA), and Mike Parson (R-MO). “Restarting our economy is not a race to be won but a cooperative effort. Our approach has created a model for success that can be applied throughout the country.”