Sheriff’s Office warns of Impersonation Scam

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The Carteret County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens about a recent impersonation scam.

On 08/31/2021, Carteret County Sheriff’s deputies received five complaints from citizens concerning suspected scam phone calls. The suspect is accused of not only spoofing the Sheriff’s Office main line of (252) 728-8400, but also using the name of an actual deputy.

Detectives say this is not the first time the

scammer has identified himself as Lt. Ryan Pittman. In years past the scammer left similar messages requesting phone calls be returned urgently for legal matters. The scammer has also gone as far as recording his own personal message on a voice over internet line posing as the Sheriffs Office.

Carteret County detectives are currently investigating the incidents in an effort to identify the location the calls are originating. “We know from past events that once the scammer gets a live person on the phone he will use scare tactics in an effort to convince victims to electronically transfer money to take care of some bogus legal matters” said Chief Detective Jason Wank.

The Sheriffs Office will never request you wire or electronically transfer any money to a deputy. Sheriff Buck advises “anytime you have any doubt as to the validity of a caller representing themselves to be from a law enforcement agency you can call the law enforcement agency and inquire if your name is associated with a legal issue.

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