SHAME on AMERICA Election fraud occurred. Supreme Court agrees to review.

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Try finding this story on most of national news media!?

By Jeff Aydelette | News Analysis

WASHINGTON, DC – I am old enough to have watched the Twilight Zone when it was a first-run TV show. Every episode was great. I remember one in particular. The famous actor Burgess Meredith portrayed a book-loving introvert. The plot called for him to have somehow survived a nuclear war, yet he had plenty of food, water, and provisions. The final shot showed him sitting on the steps of a large library surrounded by books that he could now enjoy – presumably forever! Then, he picked up his reading glasses – SMASHED TO SMITHEREENS, far beyond repair!
Now, fast forward 60 years to 2020. The plot is now reality. The nuclear blast has become COVID-19. The broken reading glasses have become the censored Internet, which for the most part, has turned a blind eye toward any favorable news about President Trump.
Can you tell that I am spooked? We’ve got what could well turn out the be the most monumental Supreme Court deliberations since the Constitution was written. And, as of mid-day on Wednesday, Dec. 9, when I am writing this story, there is almost ZERO news coverage.
Rod Serling (producer of Twilight Zone, who died in 1975)! Please tell me all of this is a mistake! Surely, I am Burgess Meredith all over again, and none of this new stuff is real!!??

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