. . . Shall Not Be Infringed!

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BAYBORO – With hands raised at the behest of County Commission Chairman Pat Prescott, a standing room only crowd packed the Courthouse to its gills Tuesday night – almost all them eager to demonstrate overwhelming support for a Proclamation initiated by Pamlico County Sheriff Chris Davis. Only a half dozen or so attendees signaled that they opposed the measure. The document, unanimously approved, designates Pamlico County as a “Constitutional Rights Protection County for Second Amendment Rights.” The movement – which is growing rapidly — was recently triggered by state elections in Virginia where newly elected liberal Democrats have sought increased gun control measures. See related story on this page.



Sheriff Chris Davis:
“We will not stand idly by as our Constitutional rights are taken away. Criminals will always find a way to possess a gun.”

Jack Wolk:

“With some of these new laws, if I have a clip with more than 10 rounds, it might make me a felon.”

Eric Noevere:

“These types of proclamations are spreading like wildfire throughout North Carolina. We should all be grateful to Sheriff Davis for his leadership on proposing this Proclamation.”

Brian Filipovich:

“This is ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ who are here tonight, and we are all glad to see Sheriff Davis standing up for us.”

Alton Griffin Jr.:

“Some people are under the illusion that guns are the problem when it is actually people who are the problem. Sometimes you’ve got to fight for your rights.”

Nathaniel Theocles:

“I train young men in the military and they leave as a lethal fighting force. I am not a liability to anyone.”

Page Nethercutt:

“The Second Amendment says ‘shall not infringe.’ In the future I can see they are going to try to do to us what they are doing in Virginia. They should mind their own business and support the Constitution.”

Ken Norris:

“To think you’re going to be safer with a gun that has less bullets in it is crazy. You’re putting your life at risk.”

Dexter Liu:

“I am a first generation Chinese-American, and grew up in China when Mao Tse Tung took over. The first thing that they did was go door-to-door confiscating people’s weapons.”

Chris Grose:

“For those in doubt, criminals do not follow the law. Remember when one of the Democratic presidential candidates said ‘Hell, yes. We’re coming for your AR-15s.’ We would like to stand united tonight and say: ‘Hell, no you won’t!’”