Seniors targeted, yet again!

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PAMLICO COUNTY – If someone calls you, claiming to be a representative with the Social Security agency, our suggestion is to hang up immediately and report the call to your local law enforcement agency.

Thanks so much to Polly Taylor for details relating to this newest scam, which targets senior citizens.

Taylor, a Pamlico County resident, is a compassionate in-home caregiver. Usually, she looks after the elderly, and she absolutely detests phone scams that target this vulnerable segment of our population.


“This one call came into my client, who is 90 years old,” said Taylor, during a brief interview. “The caller, who had either a Middle Eastern or Indian accent said that Social Security was going to increase his check by $250 per month, and all they needed was my client’s Social Security Number and some checking account information.”

Again, we so much appreciate Ms. Taylor for taking the time to alert County Compass readers to this sophisticated scam. Please pass the warning along to any senior citizens that you know.