Sean Lavin Files for County Commissioner At Large

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Sean Lavin

Sean Lavin

PASQUOTANK COUNTY — Sean Lavin filed his election registration on Monday, June 20, to oppose long time Commissioner Jeff Dixon in November.

As an unaffiliated candidate, he was not automatically allowed to file for election, because he is neither a Republican or a Democrat, without first collecting 1088 petition signatures from persons within Pasquotank County who are registered voters.

Not only did Lavin collect the required number, he actually garnered close to 1500, bolstering his campaign of change.


Lavin, 36, is a father of three young children and is a supervisor at TCOM and is a member of the Ramoth Gilead Baptist Church. Although he is a political newcomer, he looks at the makeup of the Board of Commissioners and feels that ‘new blood’ with no prior baggage is needed to move the county forward.

Lavin is seeking election for the sake of his small children and because of his belief that the commissioners are not doing enough to help the schools and create jobs. He also believes that the county needs better long-term budget planning in order to partner with local School Board and improve educational opportunities for all children.

Monday night, he spoke to the commissioners directly about the school system budget.

He said then what he had said to the voters who were asked to sign his petition: He is tired of hearing the same old excuses about a lack of support for the school system and that he wanted to work with the commissioners to find a solution to the under-funding of the school budget.

Schools are not the only issue, which concern Lavin. He sees the County Budget increasing while job growth is low. Lavin is concerned that the county will face an increase in property taxes if there is no increase in jobs — something he will work to improve.

Lavin’s opponent, Commissioner Jeff Dixon, has been on the Board of Commissioners for three terms, including one term as Chairman. Yet the County has not seen the growth that is needed to fund the School Budget. Lavin looks forward to the prospect of being a positive change once elected.