Pulse Club ‘like shooting fish in a barrel’

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The design and construction of the Orlando nightclub severely limited escape options.

The design and construction of the Orlando nightclub severely limited escape options.

By Eric Noevere

ORLANDO — Another tragedy and the media and the left are again blaming the gun for the crime. Law enforcement officials were still working the crime scene when Obama and Hillary were demanding more controls on certain rifles, making it harder for citizens to lawfully exercise their Second Amendment rights.

This time Obama couldn’t blow this off as work place violence or a hate crime. The terrorist called 911 three times while he was committing his crime, stating his allegiance to ISIS. The FBI has already investigated this guy at least twice — maybe this time they will figure out what his intention was. ISIS leadership keeps saying they are at war with us, having attacked us on our own soil repeatedly.

Maybe Obama should get it that we are at war with this group and proceed accordingly – both abroad and at home.


The terrorist apparently had planned this assault for some time, although he purchased an AR-15 rifle and 9mm handgun just a week before. Various reports say he may have scouted other targets including Disney World. His ex-wife, current “wife” and a former co-worker at G4S security firm stated he was “unstable,” “unhinged,” and “bipolar.”

The assault appears to be have been well planned. The shooter was calm on the phone with 911. The terrorist was employed as both a court security guard and in a detention facility, with No criminal record and no history of psychiatric commitment. This history makes it very likely he was well versed in police procedures. I suspect he had tactical weapons training. A Fort Pierce police officer stated he had trained with the terrorist, who had apparently visited Pulse Night Club on frequent occasions, and knew the layout well.

From Internet photos, the structure appears to be windowless concrete building with limited ways in and out. Inside, apparently once customers entered, they were channeled into one of two wings.

This created a “fish in the barrel” kind of situation once the terrorist entered and he proceeded into one of the wings. Patrons couldn’t get away without running toward a wall or toward the terrorist. It was likely also not a coincidence that the attack occurred at 2 a.m. – the last call for drinks and when most of the patrons had been imbibing for hours, limiting their judgment and ability to respond.

An armed security guard did engage, but did not stop the assault. No guns were allowed in the club for patrons. Apparently the terrorist held a number of hostages for three hours after the initial assault. The police at that point gave up on negotiations. SWAT tried to breech the building with an explosive so they could enter, but if failed to work. Authorities eventually used a “BearCat” armored vehicle to knock a hole in the building, engage and kill the terrorist. Unfortunately, this long delay in reaching some of the wounded resulted in a number of deaths of victims that were brought to Orlando Regional Health Center per one of the surgeons who was interviewed on Fox Network.

Unfortunately, both of the Presidential hopefuls are calling for measures that curtail our freedoms. Benjamin Franklin, one of the nation’s Founding Fathers, summed it up well: “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have — nor do they deserve — either one.”

Hillary Clinton wants to ban assault weapons and make it harder for people to obtain guns. This terrorist, although he had been investigated twice and interviewed three times by the FBI, was not on a watch list, so he passed his firearms background check without any problem.

Apparently if you are on a watch list, the FBI is notified when someone on that list buys a gun. Hillary also has been calling for universal background checks. OK – this guy passed!?

Most of the talking heads on the airwaves are parroting the same thing Obama is calling for in his speech Tuesday. They want to limit the firearms rights of people on the FBI’s watch list, per Obama: If you can’t get on a plane, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.

The Senate Democrats are trying to revive the same bill that failed after the San Bernardino tragedy. Do not buy this. This would give the Federal government the ability to remove the Second Amendment rights of anyone arbitrarily, without due process. Many people have been put on the no fly list in error. Just keep in mind, Congress discovered the IRS gave extra scrutiny illegally to hundreds of groups with names containing “Tea,” “Liberty,” etc.

Many of the Obama crowd would no doubt like to strip the Second amendment rights of people based on membership in conservative organizations. Banning people on the FBI watch list from buying guns opens the door to much abuse. Remember the Orlando terrorist was not even on the list currently!

The proposed legislation would not have stopped this. Do not support this legislation unless you think Federal government bureaucrats should have arbitrary power over “your” Second Amendment rights.

In the event the Orlando terrorist could not purchase guns legally, he could have obtained them illegally through theft or black market sources. If all else failed, he could have just used some other method of mass destruction such as arson. A jilted lover set fire to the Happyland Club in the Bronx NY with a plastic bottle of gasoline in 1990 and killed 87 people. (No permit or background check required to buy gasoline.) The Molotov cocktail made with gasoline and a glass bottle is a very effective weapon, I have seen videos of tanks destroyed with these.

Trump is calling for more surveillance, and giving more power to police and intelligence services. I’m all for more real investigative work. I am not for any blanket surveillance of all of us, which violates the Fourth Amendment protection against unlawful searches and seizures. We do not want a police state!

The Orlando terrorist is the son of a former Afghan presidential candidate who has spouted pro Taliban views. The father now lives in Florida. The terrorist in Florida attended the same Mosque as a homicide bomber who went to Syria to do his evil deeds. The terrorist went to Saudi Arabia twice a few years ago. A co-worker, Daniel Gilroy from the G4S security firm where they both worked, reported concerns about the terrorist to his employer.

Gilroy’s bosses at the firm accused him of being racist, so it was Gilroy who voluntarily left his employment.

Apparently there was nothing to support charges against the terrorist, per the FBI. I hope political correctness and fears of angering other Muslims were not factors in these FBI investigations.

We are at war with a group of fanatics who want us to go back to the Ninth Century. We can fight them and win without compromising our constitutional rights. Obviously people are concerned about their safety. It has just been reported that since Sunday, NICS background checks have spiked. People obviously are willing to be responsible for their own safety. Carry on.

Editor’s note: Mr. Noevere is a regular contributor to this newspaper on matters relating to the Second Amendment. He offers shooting and gun safety classes from his home in Merritt.


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