School Board releases statement on high school principal’s resignation (corrected)

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To readers of The County Compass:
The original press release from the Pamlico County Board of Education received by this newspaper contained no misspellings. Any errors in spelling occurred when this newspaper used OCR software (optical character recognition) to convert a computer file into a different type of document used for website postings. We apologize for several instances of  spelling errors in the original post of this story,  which are entirely the responsibility of this newspaper.

Chris Meadows

July 9, 2018
If you have any questions about the authenticity of this release, if you need clarification or if you wish to edit this release, please call John B. Prescott at 745-4171 (X627).


John B. Prescott, Chairman
Pamlico County Board of Education


Statement on Resignation of Chris Meadows

On June 15, Chris Meadows resigned as Principal of Pamlico County High School. Mr. Meadows’ resignation was unexpected and was not requested by either Superintendent Lisa Jackson or the Board of Education.

Since his resignation, Mr. Meadows has received support and accolades from many in our community. Mr. Meadows worked hard for our school system over the past three years and we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

Unfortunately, there has also been a lot of misinformation and misplaced anger regarding Mr. Meadows’ resignation. Any allegation that Chris Meadows was forced out or asked to resign is simply untrue.

Lisa Jackson and the Board went to great lengths to support, protect, and nurture Mr. Meadows through some difficult challenges this school year. The Board of Education has been fully informed of all matters pertaining to Mr. Meadows and is confident that much of the information being spread on social media is incorrect and not fully informed. Unfortunately, the Board cannot fully address these issues without releasing confidential and sensitive personnel information. Although the Board has considered the release of such information, as it is authorized to do under certain circumstances, it is not planning to do so at this time.