Political Left hell-bent on changing election rules

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Well-known billionaire funding ambitious efforts

Annotated by John Woodard

George Soros

BALLOT BOX — Various organizations, funded by George Soros, are attempting to rewrite the rules of elections in order to make it easier for Democrat wins. The millions of dollars that these organizations are providing seek to fundamentally transform our election rules in favor of Democrats, Racial Interest Groups, Progressives and Organized Labor.

So how are they doing this, and what are the methods? Most people are familiar with the recent court decision pertaining to Voter Identification. But the agenda of the left goes way beyond that single issue.

Tens of thousands of aliens are on voter rolls across the country and they are voting. The Soros groups oppose efforts to find and remove aliens from the voter rolls, because the aliens are voting the way they want them to. Voter ID is only one component of the election integrity process. Among the other methods, are the following:


Block Citizenship Verification

There are various means by which election officials can detect aliens on their voter rolls, but the cooperation of the federal government is required. President Obama, and the federal government have interfered with efforts to detect and remove citizens from voter rolls. There is a database that lists every alien in the federal immigration process — that either caught illegal aliens, those on visas, or those seeking citizenship. Federal law mandates that the states shall have access to the data; however, the Obama administration has made it next to impossible to access that data. Florida has even had to sue the United States before it was permitted a measure of access to this data. The Department of Justice sued to stop Florida citizenship verification efforts even when access to the database was granted.

Early Voting

The Soros groups have made early voting a top priority. In the past, elections were held on Election Day, which proved harder to get the unmotivated voter to the polls. Early voting allows the organized labor machine and other progressive organizations make that far easier. Early voting is so important to the modern Democrat party that they sued Ohio and North Carolina under the Voting Rights Act when those states dared to reduce it by a few days. They tried to constitutionalize early voting by claiming efforts to shrink it violated the Constitution. In the case of North Carolina, they defeated the efforts of the left but the federal appeals court reversed that decision, and Ohio also lost to the left.

Out of Precinct Voting

Out of precinct voting means that if you do not have a clue where to vote, it shouldn’t matter.

Out of precinct voting is an agenda item for the fundamental transformation of American elections because advocates say it makes it easier to vote, and who really needs to know where they are supposed to vote? But election officials — who must manage many different ballots depending on where you might live – usually disagree!

Felon re-enfranchisement

Witness what is going on in Virginia to learn the lawless lengths to which Democrats will go to give convicted criminals the right to vote. Even some Republicans have been hoodwinked by the rhetoric. A felon who wishes to reintegrate into the political process should need to demonstrate repentance and a commitment to following the law. But felon-voting advocates don’t care much about redemption. All they care about is the number of voters that they might gain from this process.

Mandatory Voter Registration

Soros organizations seek to end voter registration. Registration takes forethought and initiative so the left is firmly against it. A variety of groups have pushed for what they call “automatic” voter registration. Someone could become a registered voter automatically if they appear on a government database. People such as those who receive government benefits or other social services are examples.

Dirty Voter Roles

Leftist groups are opposing efforts to clean up voter rolls across the country. Millions of phony and obsolete registrations infect the rolls. These groups have sued the Ohio Secretary of State and have interfered in other attempts to keep the rolls clean. They say their aim is to prevent a valid voter from being removed improperly, but they cannot find even a single voter who has been removed contrary to law. Dirty roles allow criminals to exploit vulnerabilities in the system. Contrarily, there are examples of people who voted multiple times because of dirty voter rolls.

Foreign Language Ballots

Federal law requires foreign language ballots in certain jurisdictions. In practice that means most urban areas have foreign language ballots. Jurisdictions such as Philadelphia, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, Cleveland, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are among the jurisdictions cited. It is not true that because one must have an understanding of English to become a citizen that they must vote in English. The Voting Rights Act says otherwise.

Same Day Registration

Same day registration is a law that allows you to walk into a polling place for the very first time, register to vote and promptly cast a regular ballot. We have been dealing with this same issue in North Carolina for several years, which was part of the Voter Identification law passed by the legislature and then struck down by the courts.

State Qualification Instructions on Registration Forms

Groups like the ACLU and the League of Women Voters are trying to prevent states from including state qualification rules on the federally mandated voter registration form. The federal voter registration form is a product of ‘Motor Voter’ passed in 1993. It forces states to accept the form from all registrants in order to vote in federal elections. Some states have enacted qualification instructions, such as proof of citizenship requirements. Preserving a federal voter registration form without state qualification requirements is a top agenda item of the institutional left.

National Popular Vote

The left wants to eliminate the Electoral College as the deciding factor in election determinations. Instead, they want a national popular vote. It is clear why this is being sought. The left in this country has a strong hold in inner cities. If the Electoral College is removed, the impact on elections in this country will be dramatic. Essentially, the major cities will decide all elections and there will be no influence by more rural parts of our nation in the decision about whom we elect. The Electoral College centralizes power over state elections, away from Washington and to the statehouses.

Remember that this discussion first came to the forefront in Bush V Gore when it was claimed that Al Gore had won the popular vote but lost the election in the Electoral College. Clearly, the left has not given up this fight.

Reporter’s note: This is from an article written by J Christian Adams, a former official of the Justice Department. Christian News Network published the article on its website.