Pepsi collectors headed to New Bern

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The East Coast Pepsi Connection has grown dramatically since these founders met for the first time in New Bern during the summer of 2008.

By June Frost

NEW BERN — Ten years ago, the founders of the East Coast Pepsi Connection (ECPC) met for the first time here in New Bern. Eight people had a picnic at Fort Totten Park and invited local folks to bring their Pepsi Memorabilia to learn about and/or sell. Since then they have had similar picnics in locations along the East Coast.

This year, 80 people are returning to celebrate the Connection’s 10th Anniversary! We have added activities including outreach efforts to encourage Pepsi lovers in and around the ‘Birthplace of Pepsi’ to learn about our organization and the national Pepsi Cola Collectors Club (PCCC), as well as meet other collectors.

Visit our PEPSI tent at the Congleton Shelter in Creekside Park from 12:30 to 2:00 PM on Saturday, July 15. Creekside Park is a wonderful site, off Old Airport Road in the James City area of New Bern. Show off your favorite piece of Pepsi memorabilia and possibly learn more about it. Have Pepsi antiques or collectibles you would like to sell? We may be able to help. We look forward to meeting you and if you decide to join the PCCC while you visit, we have ‘Welcome to the Club’ gifts too!


For more information about the East Coast Pepsi Connection and our July 15 event, please contact us at

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