Patti Kersey – military born and bred – begins campaign for Chowan Commission

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Patti Kersey

Patti Kersey

CHOWAN COUNTY — Patti Kersey, a former member of the Chowan Planning Board, has announced her candidacy for election to the Chowan County Board of Commissioners. Kersey served on the Planning Board and was an opponent of wind energy.

Many observers believe she was crowded out in a power play orchestrated by elements on the Board of Commissioners who were favorable to wind energy.

Kersey intends to advocate for a strong wind ordinance, which she will be better prepared to do as a County Commissioner. As an elected official, she would have the opportunity and responsibility to deal with immediate problems — often those that affect everyone.


Similarly, she would have opportunities to influence the future well being of the county’s growth policy, which are critical to its physical development and economic health. For example, she would make it a priority to deal with the county’s water treatment facility, which is currently in non-compliance and in violation of the NC Water Quality Standards. ‘

Providing clean, reliable water is a basic responsibility of county government.

Kersey was born in 1954 at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippine Islands. As a child, she and her family were transferred on average every three years and she lived and attended schools in the Philippines, Morocco, Italy and Germany, eventually graduating from Stuttgart American High School.

Her father ultimately retired as a full colonel with 30 years of service and her brother Bob attended the Air Force Academy. Between her family and her husband Les (whose father was also a career Air Force officer), they have over 150 years of combined military service.

Patty met Les while assigned to the Air Staff office in the Department of the Air Force at the Pentagon. While in the Washington, DC area, she was selected for promotion to full Colonel herself. But with a recent marriage and a husband who was working in the private sector — with an anticipated Air Forced assignment to South Korea — she decided to retire. Her final duty assignment was that of Staff Director Military Personnel at HQ, Defense Logistics Agency, in Virginia after 22 years of service.

Patty has one sibling, Bob, who is retired from the Air Force and currently serves as an Airline Pilot / Captain with Southwest Airlines.

When local people ask Patty “Why did you locate here?” she tells them that as military brats, they never had a permanent home — either when they were growing up or as adults. She explains that they could have picked anywhere, but Edenton and Chowan County spoke to her and her husband and they decided to settle here for the rest of their lives.

That is why the Industrial Wind Development — which she knows will bring sadness too many in the county — is so disturbing. But if it must come, she is determined to do her best to ensure that the ordinances are protective to the people who would be impacted the most.

After 22 years of military service, Patti Kersey believes that her military training has served her well and that she will be able to utilize that training to benefit the citizens of Chowan County.

We wholeheartedly agree.