Pasquotank Solid Waste Department strikes again!

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Truck purchased for cool $100K without competitive bidding

Two weeks ago we reported that Big Spenders, Jeff Dixon and Joe Winslow, voted to allow Solid Waste Director Mike Etheridge to purchase a new dump truck at a cost in excess of $100,000 from the Tidewater Mack dealership without competitive bidding.

This issue was back on the agenda for the Commissioner Finance meeting on Monday of this week.


At the meeting, Director Etheridge stated he had put out email requests to several Mack dealers and that he had not heard from any of them — even though he gave them only one week to respond.

On the other hand, County Commissioner Frankie Meads provided an email that he had received from one of those dealers, which contradicted the statement provided by the Director.

Nevertheless, the Commissioners voted 5 to 2 to accept the recommendation of the Solid Waste Committee to proceed with the purchase of this vehicle.

Commissioner Meads asked what the hurry was in purchasing this vehicle at this time, where the majority of the Commissioners were willing to spend so much money with a single vendor supplier instead of obtaining competitive bids from multiple sources?

No answer was provided.

Pasquotank County Commissioners have expressed their concern that there is insufficient money in the budget to fully fund the request of the School Board for the current fiscal year. Yet, on the other hand, they waste money and engage in reckless spending of available tax funds. Remember, the new truck is headed to the same Solid Waste Department, which is willing to spend $75,000 for additional driveways at four convenience sites that many see as being completely unnecessary. .