Pasquotank School Board Decries Underfunding By Commissioners

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But This Does Not Stop Them From Wasting Money

PASQUOTANK COUNTY — As we reported previously, the School Board wants more money in order to invest in Information Technology in our schools. So you would naturally believe that they would seek to save money wherever they could. But you would be wrong!!!!

The Board of Commissioners agreed last year to provide funding for the J.C. Sawyer Elementary School roof replacement in the amount of approximately $450,000. An engineer had examined the roof and provided a report to the School Board about what sections needed replacement. They stated that the section above the cafeteria was an alternate but did not need to be replaced.

The section of roof in question is currently a tar and gravel that is a minimum of three plies, installed in 2001, making it 15 years old. This roof could have lasted at least 30 years and perhaps longer. When the contractor was asked why the cafeteria roof was being replaced, he stated that the school had single ply roofing on all the rest of the sections so they wanted them all to look alike.


These roofs could be replaced for less than half of what they are costing now. But Pasquotank County wants engineers and architects on each new roof job, driving up the total cost.

Contrarily, other counties are doing it differently – going directly to local, reputable local roofing experts. These businessmen have reputations to maintain, with kids and grandkids in the local schools, so they will not risk doing an inferior job.

We have been reporting the wasteful spending by the School Board for quite a long time. The County Commissioners have said that they plan to put a quarter-cent sales tax increase on the ballot in November. This same request was on the ballot in 2010 and was defeated. Will the voters approve the new tax this time in the face of this wasteful spending? Only time will tell!!!!