Pasquotank Landfill living down to its reputation

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PASQUOTANK COUNTY — Recently, a local firm, Stevenson Sand, was observed hauling construction debris from a house they were tearing down in Perquimans County, to the Pasquotank Landfill.

This was done despite the fact that Perquimans County has its own landfill, which is much closer than driving all the way to Pasquotank County.

So why were they doing this you ask? The answer is money!!!!


Perquimans charges $68 per ton for this type of debris while Pasquotank charges just $50 per ton. So it is a no brainer!

Why is Pasquotank charging so little compared to other counties? After 2008, the rate in Pasquotank was reduced – an effort to boost declining waste revenues. Since that time, the rate has not been reviewed.

Also, at the last landfill committee meeting, Director Mike Etheridge stated that he was getting permits to expand the landfill — without which we would need to close it sooner. It seems pretty obvious that the practice of accepting debris from other counties is contributing to this problem.

So why did this situation go unchanged for the last 7 years? Is this mere incompetence? Or is this a benefit to friendly contractors at the expense of the county residents? Or worse????

Is it not a coincidence that Stevenson Sand, the contractor hired by the Landfill Committee by sole source bid, was the firm involved in this matter? How long has this been going on at the expense of the citizens of this county in terms of lost revenue? How could this be going on under the nose of Mike Etheridge without his knowledge?

Should we expect the Commissioners to take corrective measures in view of this obvious mismanagement? Yes, we should, but of course, they won’t. Our Commissioners continue to look the other way. It seems that they are more concerned with protecting an employee than protecting the interests of the citizens they are sworn to serve.

The problem that we have detailed here is but one of many over the months that we have highlighted. But the Commissioners continue to take no action to investigate or reform this department. Seems like pretty poor management, does it not?