Part 3 in a series: ‘Insane path of uncontrolled wireless expansion!’

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In late May, Dafna Tachover and Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck both argued against proposed state legislation that would make a roll-out of 5G technology easier to implement. Tachover is expected to visit Pamlico County in September for a series of lectures on the topic.

News Analysis

USA – Research, scientific studies, news reports – all questioning the safety of wireless radiation – have recently come together, much like a snowball that might begin its descent at the top of a massive ski slope. But somewhere on that slope is a consortium of telecommunications providers – a type of Sasquatch – throwing huge amounts of money and effort into implementing new 5G networks!

Sasquatch’s goal is to squash that snowball. Why? Because any growing group of naysayers has the potential to derail looming technology known as 5G – expected to transmit wireless radiation on a scale and magnitude previously unimaginable.

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Here’s another analogy: Think of 5G as wider roads and faster lanes – without the Highway Patrol. If what we have now beaming through the atmosphere (and our bodies) is bad for our health, 5G will be much, much worse!


One expert on the dangers of wireless radiation is Dafna Tachover, who has tentatively committed to visit Pamlico County in mid-September as part of the local library’s series of lectures, titled ‘Hot Topics.’

Tachover is a young woman with an impressive list of credentials – MBA, law degree, and a stint in the Israeli Defense Forces, where she was the commander of the computer center for the military’s Operations Center and Headquarters. She admits to being an early adopter and avid user of wireless technology – until she began to lose her health to a syndrome, which she and others now call ‘microwave sickness.’

On her website, Tachover describes herself as “dedicated to exposing the epidemic of sickness caused by this technology; to protecting the rights of the injured; to eradicating the misrepresentation that wireless technology is safe; and to pursuing those who betray the public’s trust.”

During a late May presentation before a committee of the Michigan state legislature, Tachover, joined by Michigan State Sen. Patrick Colbeck, argued eloquently and forcefully that Michigan should reject proposed industry legislation meant to ensure that any future 5G roll-out across the state will be almost immune from grassroots objections or regulations.

Citing a scientific fact that the human body is basically one elaborate electrical system, Tachover told the legislators “the question is how can it (wireless radiation) not affect us?”

In a recent broadcast email to followers, Tachover officially announced her support for the like-minded Colbeck in his campaign for the Michigan gubernatorial seat:

I support him because of the wireless issue and I do NOT state my opinion on any other issue on his agenda. I explain that my support for him is based only on his commitment to the wireless issue,” and Tachover added: “I strongly believe that the wireless issue is a crisis far and beyond any other issue. We have an epidemic of sickness and we cannot continue on this insane path of uncontrolled wireless expansion while the sickness, the sick, and our voice is being ignored and kept out of the discussion.”

Colbeck is one of a very few prominent politicians in the nation who have publicly warned of 5G dangers.

Back to Sasquatch. Sometimes snowballs do have a chance in hell.

One amazing study, conducted in Switzerland among a group of 700 adolescents, was released just last week. Like most of these scientific documents, technical language and caveats often dissuade and deter. Deciphering science-speak can be difficult.

Nevertheless, this report has gone a bit further than others. In a brief ‘conclusion’ on the front page of the 13-page document, researchers state: “Our findings . . . suggest a potential adverse effect of RF-EMF (radiofrequency electromagnetic fields) brain dose on cognitive functions that involve brain regions mostly exposed during mobile phone use.”

Translation: Hey kids! If you are having trouble remembering things, quit holding that mobile phone so close to your head!

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