PAMLICO COUNTY EMERGENCY WATER OUTAGE — 3rd Outage Planned for Monday, July 27, 2020

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The water consumers on Bennett Rd., Neuse River Drive and Best Lane are currently under a water system pressure advisory and will experience an emergency water outage starting at 9:00 am, Monday July 27, 2020 and will last up to 48 hours.

We will be doing additional testing before this event takes place and if any changes occur consumers will be notified.

This means that your water will be shut off and locked at the meter.

During this outage high amounts of chlorine will be added to the system. Water is being distributed to each household and is also available for pick up at the Minnesott Beach Town Hall.

After all flushing is complete and meters are unlocked for use the water consumers in the affected area will be under a boil water advisory notice until samples meet state requirements.

Therefore, the Pamlico County Water Department advises that when water is restored consumers boil all water used for human consumption (including drinking, cooking, brushing teeth and making ice) or use bottled water, until notified that the water is safe to drink.

Vigorous boiling for one (1) minute should kill any disease-causing organisms that may be present in the water.

This office is strongly urging the water consumers to store water in advance. This advisory remains in effect until further written notification is issued.

This advisory is issued on July 22, 2020.

If you have any questions or updates you may call:

County Manager’s Office at (252) 745-3133 Minnesott Beach Town Hall at (252) 249-1755 Pamlico County Water System at (252) 745-5453