Our Congressman lambastes Democrats!

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‘Tend to business of people’ urges Murphy

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Greg Murphy, who represents this area in the U.S. House, voted Tuesday against a measure known as the stop gap funding bill. His statement follows:

“The House of Representatives passed this year’s second Continuing Resolution. I voted against it. The Democratic majority prefers to try to reverse the result of the 2016 presidential election rather than actually legislate and tend to the business of the people. In addition, this comprehensive legislation was introduced less than 24 hours prior to coming up for a vote. It’s irresponsible for the House to vote on legislation before we can carefully debate and consider its implications,” said Murphy, adding:

“The Continuing Resolution is a disaster. The bill extends the previous budget’s bloated spending and is especially bad for our military. During my visits to the fine military bases in eastern North Carolina, I’ve been told how badly stop gap funding impedes the Department of Defense’s ability to train for tomorrow’s threats. On the military installations in the Third District alone, hundreds of millions of dollars will be withheld for new projects that were not included in the previous budget. The military needs a defined budget so they can make plans for five years, 10 years and 15 years. A Continuing Resolution fails to plan for the future. A Continuing Resolution fails our military. It’s imperative that Republicans and Democrats come together to negotiate a deal to fund the government long term in a fiscally responsible manner.”

The measure passed the House 231 – 192 with only 12 Republicans voting in favor.

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