Ouch! Wind energy expert reveals negatives to proposed project.

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PASQUOTANK COUNTY – Tuesday night, Feb. 10, citizens of Pasquotank County attended a forum with physicist John Droz to better understand both sides of the Wind Energy issue.

Droz, a renowned expert in field, has testified before Congress and various interest groups. He is is retired from General Electric Aerospece and lives in Morehead City.

Part of the event included the showing of a movie titled “Windfall,” which depicts a community that original embraced wind energy. However, it became a neighbor against neighbor struggle that divided the community as people began to learn the negative side of wind energy.

The forum detailed issues such as the health risks, the economic losses of value to surrounding real estate, and much more. But of all the negative consequences that were detailed, the adverse effects on National Security were the most unknown, until now.

Droz produced copies of documents from the Federal Government that related to the interference with radar. The Navy operates a radar facility in Chesapeake, Va. near the North Carolina line.

Droz documented, in unmistakable terms, that a proposed wind farm will interfere with the radar waves, which are aimed southward, toward the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and various land and sea operations in that part of the world. In fact, a representative of the Department of Defense and a Navy Captain visited the Pasquotank Commissioners meeting earlier this year.

At that meeting, the Captain in particular, seemed surprised to learn that our wind turbines are planned as 600-foot tall structures, the largest in any facility to date. They did not address the proximity of the turbines to the radar site, which is required to be no closer the 28 miles.

Droz pointed out that the proposed site will be just 14 miles away from the radar, well within the limit. Also, it was shown that increased susceptibility to cancer has begun to materialize in areas where radar waves are dispersed by, or interfered with, wind turbines.

A personal notification of this event was provided our County Commissioners and most indicated that they wanted to learn what they had not heard before, when this project was approved, four years ago. But last night, only one Commissioner was present, Frankie Meads.

Representing the Spanish Developer, Iberdola, was their sales rep for this area, who had falsely alleged that. Droz was on the payroll of the Koch Brothers. But when introduced, and this alleged connection was brought up, the sales rep made no comment.

There were two Commissioners from Perquimans County in attendance, Ed Muzzlin and Matt Peele. Commissioner Peele asked many questions and offered his opinions about this project, which will be located in the “Desert” on the border between Pasquotank and Perquimans Counties. Peele had stated previously that the revenue for his county was expected to be the equivalent of 1 cent on the property tax rate — before tax incentives to the developer are calculated.

Carteret County faced the same conditions as we have here. The Commissioners heard one side of the story that favored wind energy but not the other. However, once their citizens discovered plenty of negatives – assisted in large part by Droz – public outcry followed, and an ordinance favorable to the wind energy developers was terminated.

Will we do the same thing? Will our Commissioners listen? If their attendance at last night’s education event is any guide, I think we know the answer.

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