Oriental man emerges to claim lottery prize

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At left, Mini Mart owner Ray Wahib and friend Hatem Jriesat announce that one of their customers won Saturday’s Carolina Cash 5 lottery!

RALEIGH – Ed Duer of Oriental claimed his prize Tuesday afternoon at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. Duer used his own numbers Saturday, July 21, buying a $1 ticket at the Oriental Mini Mart on Broad Street. Until lottery officials issued a press release, few in the community knew of Duer’s good fortune.

Reached by e-mail on his way back home, Duer responded that his wife Lee “picked the numbers,” which “coincide with birthdays, except for one.” He later added: “I am a regular player and will continue to do so.”

His share of the jackpot is $111,902, but tax with-holdings whittled the net proceeds to $78,894.


“By the time the State and the Feds got through with it, the amount was not quite so awesome,” said Duer.