Obama, Reid, even Boehner lambasted at GOP convention in Greenville

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Thom Tillis, the junior U.S. Senator from North Carolina, was the convention’s keynote speaker.

Thom Tillis, the junior U.S. Senator from North Carolina, was the convention’s keynote speaker.

GREENVILLE — The Republican 3rd Congressional District held its Annual Convention at the Hilton Inn on Saturday. The event was well attended and reflected the overall sentiment that the Party must win the upcoming Presidential Election.

The keynote speaker was newly elected U.S. Senator Thom Tillis who discussed legislative progress in the nation’s capital, despite the actions of Congressional Democrats and President Obama.

Tillis said a large number of bills had been voted on, although many, but not all, were non-binding. Tillis offered his opinion that the current situation is a huge improvement over the Senate’s business as transacted under former Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose method of control prevented discussion and legislative amendments from either party.


He reported having just returned from a trip to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Israel and Jordan where he met with Iraqi and Kurdish leaders and discussed the rise of ISIS. On this same trip, he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, King Abdullah of Jordan and numerous other leaders in the region during his weeklong visit.

Clearly his remarks were critical of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, derisively labeled my many as “leading from behind.” But Tillis was particularly critical of our nation’s policy toward Israel and our expected deal with Iran – a country we cannot trust and which poses a threat to regional stability.

He mentioned the ISIS seizure of the Iraqi city of Ramadi as an example of failure, following the premature removal of an American presence.

Tillis mentioned an array of meetings and events around the state including a recent visit to the Fayetteville, Salisbury, and Durham VA Hospitals where he visited with Administrators and Staff about treatment and wait times for our veterans — among the worst in our nation, according to a report from the Associated Press. As a member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, he promises to work to improve treatment and wait times in North Carolina Veterans Hospitals and various facilities.

Tillis pledged to his Republican counterparts that he is not, nor will he become, a politician who visits every six years, forgetting the people who elected him. Citing his visits around the state, he referred to a long list of political and policy meetings.

Later during the day-long convention, U.S. House Rep. Walter Jones, who represents the Third District in the U.S. Congress, criticized President Obama and his runaway spending, as well and his foreign policy. Like Tillis, Jones too was critical of the conduct of the war and stated that he would never vote for any war that was not authorized by Congress.

He reminded the audience of his recent vote not to add $269 billion to the Federal debt. Further, he stated he is against sending money overseas to countries that hate our nation. Finally, Jones said he has fought strenuously to prevent President Obama from increasing the debt limit.

Reporter’s note: Congressman Jones has announced his plan to launch an economic growth initiative in eastern North Carolina. In the coming months, he and his staff will host a series of events across the Third Congressional District, inviting residents to share their concerns with current government policies. The effort will focus on identifying specific obstacles to economic growth and developing legislative and regulatory proposals to remove those obstacles.

Eastern North Carolinians constantly point out mind-boggling obstacles to economic growth, said Jones. “Oobstacles that are placed there by the government that is supposed to be serving them. They are being hindered by excessive red tape, an education system that does not produce graduates who are qualified to compete for job openings, and a government that continues to misspend and misdirect their tax money toward unproductive purposes. This initiative is designed to document impediments to economic development and identify common sense ideas from citizens themselves – not government officials – to fix what is broken.”

Discussions will focus on solutions that create jobs by developing a well-educated work force, reducing federal overreach into the enterprises of job creators, and providing strong support for North Carolina’s military bases and the personnel that serve there. Jones intends to use the input to draft federal legislation, and to draft specific suggestions for the North Carolina General Assembly. Elected officials, business and community leaders, and taxpayers will all be encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions..

Clearly, Congressman Jones — who can be described as a fiscal hawk — is opposed to runaway spending by both parties, and he did not spare criticism of Speaker John Boehner. He was extremely critical of the speaker whom he described in weak and fiscally irresponsible terms. Jones is opposed to ObamaCare and will seek to replace it with a workable plan that is in the best interest of the economy and the American people.

The convention reelected Kim Cotton West as chairman of the 3rd Congressional Republican District, along with a slate of officers. Party faithful left the event, vowing to ensure the election of a Republican President in 2016.