New group launches film series

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By Diane Lemieux

ORIENTAL — The Pamlico Progressives recently kicked off the group’s new film and discussion series, ‘How Governmental Policies Affect Pamlico County!’

The first program, held at the Oriental Town Hall, was an educational film titled ‘Democracy for Sale.’ This video is from the ‘America Divided’ film series, which explores inequality in our political system and in several other areas pertinent to everyday Americans – like education, housing, healthcare, labor, and criminal justice.

Promotional materials aptly describe the film:


“Zach Galifianakis… travels back to his home state to investigate how North Carolina has become a bellwether for how a handful of wealthy individuals has dominated our democracy. North Carolina — perhaps more than any other state — has been transformed by the new and growing tidal wave of political spending. Galifianakis investigates allegations that the current state government was put in power by moneyed interests and has thus carried out a program that only benefits its backers: cuts to education, healthcare spending, and environmental protection; lowering of taxes for the wealthy and corporations; and, the passage of laws designed to roll back access to the ballot.”

The film demonstrated how gerrymandering keeps people from having a voice. Currently the gerrymandered maps have just been finalized by a “Special Master.” Also shown, families who were affected by budget cuts to education and environmental protections shared their stories. Duke Power was highlighted with the story of their coal ash deposits and leaks, contributions of big money to guarantee that their candidate would be elected governor, and that the fines resulting from their disregard for rules and human life would be miniscule.

The Pamlico Progressives series will be held monthly at Oriental Town Hall. Other topics in the series will be Public Education on Jan. 29; Water Quality on Feb.26; The Opioid Epidemic on March 26; and, Voting on April 23.

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