N.C. millionaire emerges to ‘re-educate’ GOP on climate change

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Jay Faison

North Carolina now has its own millionaire who is willing to spend money to educate citizens about the benefits of solar and wind energy.

Jay Faison calls himself a Conservative. He bears a physical resemblance to Tom Steyer, the liberal California philanthropist who is better known.

Faison might consider it a compliment to be compared with Steyer, the well-known billionaire, activist from San Francisco, who in 2014 spent over $75 million in a mostly unsuccessful attempt to defeat Republican gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates.


Steyer’s profile has grown significantly in the last couple of years and is now perhaps second only to George Soros in being celebrated by the Left and scorned by the Right.

A Republican Congressman recently told The Washington Post that Faison “can be the Tom Steyer of the Right on climate change.”

Faison, whose political profile has been all but non-existent — until now — plans to speak out about the advantages of alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind. Faison’s recent introduction to North Carolina by left-leaning journalism organization Politico drew the comparison with Steyer, which had the effect of creating a mainstream and powerful persona for the political rookie.

June brought a flurry of articles written about Faison — most were based on a June 8 story by Politico that described Faison as a Republican/conservative/Christian from Charlotte who made his fortune from the sale of his audio-visual equipment wholesaler Snap AV.

The story went on to say that Faison intends to use some of his fortune to fund a three-year, $175 million campaign designed to convince Republican conservatives that global warming is real and manmade and that with the proper re-education we can do something about the disaster supposedly looming over the planet.

In this case, the difference between Steyer and Faison is that Steyer has a history of political engagement seen through his finances, spending his own money himself and via his charitable trusts and foundations.

So far, Faison’s political giving does not compare to that of Steyer. Faison’s Clear Path Foundation is so new, its tax forms haven’t been made public yet. So far, all we know is that it is to receive IRS exempt status.

Faison’s father Henry was a well-known conservative and generous contributor to conservative and Republican politicians. His estate was valued at more than $200 million when he died at age 78.

His will left much of his wealth to his company, Faison Enterprises. Among the provisions: the forgiveness of $105 million in loans to the company. Some say the elder Faison had planned to change his will but died before this could be accomplished.

North Carolina Republicans have been interviewed about the efforts of Jay Faison to reeducate conservatives on climate change.

Rep. Chuck McGrady, a Hendersonville Republican, recently said: “There’s enough scientists saying that we have a huge risk with climate change and that we need to protect ourselves from that risk, even if we are wrong.” Interestingly, Rep McGrady is the past president of the national Sierra Club.

Another Republican representative stated that “the facts are beyond debate” and “to not believe in climate change is to say that there were never dinosaurs on the planet.”

So there you have it– one lawmaker who says we should follow the dictates of global warming advocates “even if they are wrong,” while another believes that there is no reason to debate the issue and a multimillionaire who plans to read educate all of us. And these men are supposed to represent the Right side of political debate?

Never mind the multitude of scientists who disagree with them and the data that shows no change in global temperatures in the last 10 years. Political consultants and operatives on the Right side of the aisle are recognizing the money-making potential in so-called clean energy, and the Left has learned to cloak themselves in conservative language.

The money for subsidies and incentives that they push through will be coming straight out of the pockets of hardworking taxpayers.