N.C. House Democrats Sign Pledge to Defund the Police, Threatening the Safety of Families Statewide

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The Speaker will host a press conference at 3:30 pm Monday in Raleigh

Kings Mountain NC: Speaker Tim Moore said Monday that a pledge signed by dozens of House Democratic leaders and candidates to defund law enforcement in North Carolina was a wake-up call for families now rightfully concerned about their personal safety if radical liberal Democrats gain influence in the General Assembly.  

Police funding…has been shown to have no connection to crime rates,” the radical liberal pledge to defund law enforcement signed by dozens of North Carolina House Democrats declares.  

Nearly 50 current House Democratic members and candidates in North Carolina – including the caucus leader – have signed a radical Future Now pledge that explicitly includes a promise to “invest police savings” in other programs by enacting the model Reimagine Communities Act. 

“By signing below, I pledge to advocate for these goals, and work to achieve these targets in my state by 2030 or sooner,” House Democrats and their caucus leader pledged to americasgoals.org/5c/police-budget-reallocation.

“Assessing expenditures on policing to identify evidence-based ways to generate savings…especially communities most impacted by current policing practices,” is an official policy promise of House Democratic leaders and candidates to North Carolinians. 

The House Democratic caucus in North Carolina has taken significant funding in exchange for its signed pledge to conduct“a reassessment of police funding and a reallocation of funding.” 

In exchange for at least $100,000 in donations, House Democratic candidates pledged to enact legislation requiring “a comprehensive review of the STATE’s police funding” to “reduce excessive policing.” 

Read the Pledge to Defund Police Signed by House Democrats

Speaker Tim Moore will host a press conference on Monday at 3:30 pm inside the headquarters of the North Carolina Republican Party to address the pledge. 

“This radical pledge by House Democrats to defund police in North Carolina is a betrayal of the basic public trust to keep families safe, particularly in times of crisis, as crime rates rise in other areas led by the radical left,” Moore said. 

“It is stunning that House Democrats in North Carolina would sign a pledge to defund law enforcement, and that so many in their caucus would join with radical national liberals promising to cut funding for police officers who protect innocent people.” 

Radical House Democrats promising to defund the police include Rep. Sydney Batch (D-Wake), Rep. Christy Clark (D-Mecklenburg), Rep. Terrence Everitt (D-Wake), Rep. Wesley Harris (D-Mecklenburg), Rep. Rachel Hunt (D-Mecklenburg), Democratic Leader Darren Jackson (D-Wake), Rep. Brandon Lofton (D-Mecklenburg), Rep. Joe Sam Queen (D-Haywood),  Rep. Ray Russell (D-Ashe), and Rep. Kandie Smith (D-Pitt), among dozens of others.  Read the full list.

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